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How can UKLR help you?

As a Land or Estate Agent you probably have listings on your books that aren’t attracting the specialist audience they require to sell. These could be plots of land, or buildings that are no longer fit or suitable for their original use. These particular properties may have planning permission for a change or use, OR, have the potential for an alternate purpose. Among these listings could be Barns, Chapels & Churches, Factories, Flats, Guest Houses & Hotels, Public Buildings, Mills, Pubs, Residential Homes and Schools.

If you have properties that fit this description then there’s a lot UKLR can do for you. And here’s why.

What UKLR Specialise In

UKLR is a specialist website dedicated to the promotion of Land and Development Opportunities only.
We deal in all types of Land, residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural. In addition we promote a wide range of properties that have potential for an alternate use, have development opportunities, large parcels of land or the property is in need of renovation. This could be flats, with the potential to convert into one residence, or visa versa. Local authorities are particularly keen to see derelict or unused buildings reutilised. Such buildings could include mills, chapels, factories, barns, residential homes or public buildings suitable for conversion.

Development Opportunities is a niche market with a specific audience. Land and Development Opportunities are not ‘instantly occupiable’, but either require a new build or extensive work to provide an alternate purpose. These types of listings won’t attract your normal audience, who generally want instant occupation on completion of legal transactions.

Development Opportunities require a certain type of buyer. Either an individual or organisation that can identify a lucrative commercial opportunity, or someone who can see beyond what exists and visualise their dream home. Whatever their motivation or purpose results are not instant, and can sometimes take years from concept to completion. Finding the right opportunity, in the desired location, may eat up that time. Then securing the necessary legal consents, as well as the time taken to physically build or convert the property, takes months and often years.

What UKLR Offers

If you have any of these types of listing then by promoting them on UKLR you are reaching your desired audience. And by getting your listings in front of potential buyers they will then be provided with all the necessary information required to make a considered decision. Our website provides access to all data required from one place; planning details, application numbers, dates and status, along with direct links to the relevant council planning department.

The Agent’s contact information appearing on UKLR is their own, their existing telephone number and email address. UKLR believes in direct contact between the agent and buyer, and does not allocate numbers like property websites.

UKLR will be actively promoting the website to the public, construction industry and architects. These promotions will again increasing your chances of finding the right buyers for you.  And at UKLR we actively seek out and promote to specialist buyers.
And all this is available to you at a reasonable price – £10 per listing plus VAT. There is no minimum or maximum spend, and we also offer Annual and Volume Discounts. Check Out Our Pricing Here

And finally, the icing on the cake! All new advertisers can trial UKLR, with as many appropriate listings as you like, for 2 months for FREE!