UKLR Land Register

UKLR Land Register

The UKLR Land Register provides an essential service for those looking to purchase Land and Development Opportunities.
It allows purchasers to quickly identify sites matching their project needs in a single source. Created and distributed by county, they are painstakingly collated from multiple sources, including vendors, selling agents and the public domain.




Identify your next Development Project quickly and reliably, with the
UKLR Land Register.
Comprehensive listings, compiled from multiple sources, this is your one stop to locate the right site, of the right size, in the right place.
If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, we also offer a bespoke search service that includes Off Market sources.




Get your Plots of Land, Development Sites and Conversion Opportunities, included in the UKLR Land Register.
It is FREE and a great way to get them into the hands of the people who are most likely to be interested in them.
Complete the online form, below, or email us for more information, by clicking the button.

Find or Sell Land & Development Opportunities

The UKLR Land Register is collated and compiled to create a single, collective and comprehensive directory of all Land & Development Opportunities for sale. Providing all information required from just one source, without the need of having to trawl numerous websites in a bid to find your next development project or parcel of land.  The UKLR Land Register will save you time, stress and ultimately money.

Currently covering the nine counties of Yorkshire & Humber and North West regions the North East region will be launched in January, providing blanket coverage of Land & Development Opportunities right across Northern England.

If you are looking for a parcel of land, for building, farming or other purpose; buildings in need of renovation or suitable for conversion, then look no further than the UKLR Land Register. Presently there are over 1,200 opportunities listed in just the two regions currently covered.

If you are looking to sell Land or Development Opportunities then it is free to have them included on the UKLR Land Register.  Just check out UKLR Land & Development Definitions to see what type of listings can be included.


UKLR‘s dedicated website is the perfect portal for anyone wanting to find a Development Opportunity.  Each listing provides in-depth information and links to all related data, drastically reducing additional research time.

UKLR is information rich.  Each listing shows classification, location, permissions, status and other criteria with just one click.  This quickly allows discerning buyers, seeking  Development Opportunities, to establish the listing’s suitability for their project

UKLR provides direct links to planning departments and the seller.  Listed telephone numbers and email addresses are the sellers own, not allocated ones.  UKLR believes in putting the seller and buyer directly in touch and in control.

At UKLR all Individuals, Companies, Authorities and Organisations, as well as Agents, are welcome to submit their Development Opportunities.
Monthly and annual rates are offered, calculated on a flat rate per individual listing.

Use the link at the very top of the page, to register and then you can submit a listing.

Purchased listings for Land and Development Opportunities can be changed or updated as and when required during the listing period.  Advertisers can input listing details themselves, or send them to UKLR for inputting.  UKLR are currently offering a free input service

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At UKLR we believe in fair pricing, and offer flexible rolling contracts.  Whether you purchase just one or multiple listings there’s an option to pay monthly or take an annual discounted rate.  We also offer a ‘Lifetime’ listings for a one-off payment.

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