UKLR, the perfect portal for Land and Estate Agents to promote Development Opportunities for sale.
Land or Development Opportunities include
Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Agricultural and other types.

Whether your Agency has a single office, regional offices,
or offices across the UK
we offer fair pricing on a rolling contract to reflect your marketing needs.

One search can reveal listings from your entire branch network,
whilst also showing individual office details.

At UKLR we believe in fair and flexible pricing,
the reason we offer a ‘Life Time’ plot advertising or a rolling contract to all advertisers.

We are currently reviewing our monthly and annual advertising prices (June 2017)

One-off Payment of £250
All listings are interchangeable during the listing period,
except Lifetime Listings.
Prices are exclusive of VAT


Unlike property portals, UKLR is open to any person or organisation with Land or Development Opportunities for sale.

Advertise your Development Opportunities directly, without barriers.

Whether you are a Private Individual, Land Banker, Estate Manager
Company, Authority or other Organisation,
your listings are welcome on UKLR

UKLR believes in fair and flexible pricing, so we offer a rolling contract to advertisers, with rates for Private Sellers being the same as those offered to Agents.

We are currently reviewing our monthly and annual advertising prices (June 2017)

LIFETIME LISTINGS – One-off payment of £250
All listings are interchangeable during the advertising period,
except Lifetime Listings.

UKLR also offers Volume Discounts
100-250 Listings – less 10% discount
250-500 Listings – less 15% discount
Over 500 Listings – less 25% discount

All prices are exclusive of VAT


In view of the length of time Development Opportunities can take to sell, often years, UKLR has provided a ‘Lifetime Listing’ opportunity. Lifetime Listings involve a one off payment of £250, plus VAT, as opposed to monthly payments. Lifetime Listings allow the Land or Conversion Opportunity to be displayed, without further payment, until sold.  Whilst editable, with regards to price and planning status, they are not interchangeable with other plots of land.


Keeping Your Costs Down

At UKLR we believe in fair pricing, the reason we offer a rolling contract rather than tying you into a time constrained agreement.

To help keep your advertising costs down there is no need to take out an advertising space for each of your specialist listings, although we’d love it if you did! If you are looking to minimise advertising costs then it is quite simple to rotate your adverts once they are input onto

This is yet another way UKLR provides effective, informative and fairly priced advertising space for all specialist Land and Development Opportunities.



UKLR actively seeks out, and is approached by, specialist buyers who are looking for plots of Land or Development Opportunities to fulfil specific project requirements.

If you would like to take advantage of this service then please contact us, outlining your requirements, on

Finders Fee

For each Land and Development Opportunity sourced by UKLR, where the transaction is completed, the following fees apply*

  • to the value of £100,000 = £100+vat
  • to the value of £250,000 = £250+vat
  •      in excess of £250,000 = 1% +vat

*  Fees payable by those registered as ‘Not for Profit’ organisations will be reduced by 0.33%