At a time when you probably most need money, raised by the sale of land or buildings, you find a huge chunk is lost through the exorbitant fees paid to sell. UKLR changes that, and puts you back in control at the minimal of costs.

In recent times many parishes and authorities have, through necessity, found themselves selling off parcels of land and/or buildings to raise much needed money.  I’m sure you have already encountered this trend, probably experienced it yourselves, and been staggered at the cost of fees incurred in the process.

To date there have been three main ways in which to find a buyer:

  • Newspaper advertising – at exorbitant rates, and to be effective needs repeating regularly
  • Through an estate agent, where the fee charged can make a large hole in the sale proceeds
  • By taking out membership to one of the main property sites – tied in as an organisation, at high monthly costs for a minimum term

All of the above absorb a substantial sum of money from the proceeds of a sale, at a time when those funds are needed most.  And none of the above actively seek out specialist buyers . . . at UKLR we do!

UKLR are pleased to announce an alternate, economical and effective solution for selling your Land and Development Opportunities.  Your can advertise directly on UKLR to get your properties onto a specialist internet site.  UKLR is the perfect, economical and effective alternative to consider.

  • £10 per month, or £100 per annum, plus vat, per listing, on a rolling contract. Advertising spaces are flexible and displayed permanently on the site.  UKLR is set up in such a way that an advertiser does not have to take out paid advertising space for every listing.  Once details are input into the UKLR system it is simple for the listings to be rotated, with only a certain number made live at a given time, keeping your advertising costs to a minimum
  • For a one-off lifetime fee of £250 plus vat: Lifetime listings are for an unlimited time until the land or property is sold.However, these are purchased for an individual listing and are not transferrable

UKLR is a bespoke site for specialist listings, Land and Development Opportunities. For UKLR‘s definition click here.  For each listing we provide:

  • In-depth information to each listing, and a generous gallery allowance for images and related documents
  • Extensive search criteria, making it simpler for buyers to find the project they are wanting
  • Additionally we use the sellers own contact details leaving you in control and direct contact with potential buyers, rather than allocating telephone numbers and email addresses
    • Alternatively you may opt to advertise under the UKLR banner if you require confidentiality.

To find out a little more about UKLR can I suggest you read the following blog – UKLR for Private Sellers

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or, if you would like to see how one of your Land or Development Opportunities look on https://www.findlandforsale.co.uk/ we would be happy to create a preview, for your eyes only.