Listed below are the options available to buy the data included in the UKLR Land Register, from a full and complete listing of the whole of the North of England, to just a single county. The listings contain comprehensive information about each opportunity, as well as filters that will enable you to more quickly identify opportunities that you should focus on.

Some information about how complete you purchase and use these listings can be read in in this guide <User Guide Download>

Complete the form below to purchase your chosen portion(s) of the land register.

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    Buy all the listings for the North of England for £120.00 + VAT Note: This includes all the Land and Development Opportuntues included in every other listing set out below
    Buy one of more of the Regions of the North of England for £50.00, + VAT, each. Note: These include all the data from the counties located within each region
    Select the County or Counties of the North of England that you wish to purchase listings for, £15 each
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