The sale of Land has played second fiddle to the property market for too long.  It is time to change the face of Land Sales, very much a niche market._dsc0036

At UKLR we know the market place needs to be

  • More accessible
  • Provide more information
  • Make it as stress free as possible
  • Quicken the process of finding and buying land

Less than 12.5% of all UK Estate Agents dealing in Land sales.  As a seller of land you have a specialist skill with huge potential, but little recognition.

Which is why UKLR was developed.  We provide a specialist platform for the promotion of Land sales.  An arena where those selling land will be:
• Recognised for their expertise
• Providing more comprehensive information regarding each plot
• Reducing the buyer’s stress and increasing their knowledge
• Making it easier for land buyers to find land and all relevant planning consents
• Making it easier for specialists in Land sales to be identified

So what can UKLR offer you, as an agent and seller of land, that isn’t being addressed elsewhere?

Keeping It Succinct UKLR Offers

• Direct links to your own website, from plots you are advertising. Generating more traffic to your business
• The use of your own telephone numbers and email addresses, instead of allocated ones.  Lleaving you in control
• Bespoke plot templates, providing an easy-to-follow grid format for all information
• Planning details, with links directly to local councils, planning portals and individual planning links
• Facilities to include all additional documentation for potential buyers. Eg tender documents, terms and conditions
• Rolling contracts.  Giving you more flexibility and reflecting your business needs
• Keeping costs down. We only charge £10 per listing plus VAT, with no minimum or maximum restraints
• Annual and Volume discounts
• Collective billing for multi-branch agents, allowing for Volume discounts
• A one-search facility for all your listings to be found collectively from one source. However, each listing will provide individual office details

Give UKLR a Trial for Free

So what do you have to lose by trialling UKLR? Nothing! But you do stand to gain recognition for your expertise and increase your market share, along with a myriad of other benefits.
Take advantage of our FREE advertising period until 31 December 2016.  Advertise as many plots of Land or Conversion Opportunities as you like.  Without cost, and no obligation.
Join UKLR now, and increase your position in this niche market, or call 0777 55 33 110 for more information.