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UKLR Land Register

How to Select, Purchase & Use UKLR Land Register

The UKLR Land Register is a collective list of Land & Development opportunities available across Northern England.
Data is carefully collated and maintained, from a variety of sources, with the aim of providing a comprehensive, one-stop, up-to-date list of Land & Development opportunities for sale.

Provided in an excel format opportunities can be quickly identified in the location, or of the size, required. To further speed the process up data can also be sorted and filtered by a number of additional criteria, enabling you to quickly identify potential sites for any projects you, or your clients, are considering.

Follow these steps to purchase UKLR Land Registers

  • Go to
  • Select which area, within Northern England, you require information for
    1. The North of England; including all three regions and 12 counties across Northern England
    2. By region: North West, Yorkshire & Humber or North East
    3. By county: purchasing one, or more, information for the individual counties
  • Fill in the form with your email address and other details and submit it
    Note: You must check the box to agree to the terms and conditions of sale.
  • Complete payment through the PayPal link that you will be directed to – this ensures both your financial and data security.
  • Once your payment is made, UKLR will send you a complete set of listings for the area(s) you have requested, for the current month, plus updates for the purchased area for the following four weeks

UKLR Land Registers – 2018

If you’re looking for North of England Land or Development Opportunities in 2018 then make your first port of call the UKLR Land Register.  Whether you’re looking for a single plot, to build a dream home, larger land sites for multiple dwellings, (we have sites listed with potential for 1,300+) or just wanting a paddock for your pony then we probably have listed what you are looking for.
Currently covering the Yorkshire, Humber and North West regions the UKLR Land Register has over 1,200 Land and Development Opportunities listed. From 16 January 2018 the North East region will be launched providing blanket coverage for the whole of Northern England

What are UKLR Land Registers and what is their purpose?

UKLR Land Registers are comprehensive collections of Land and Development Opportunities on the market.  Simply put they are ‘Registers of Land and Development Opportunities for Sale’.

Available by county or region listings are sourced and collated from individuals, companies, and the public domain.
All entries are based on specifics, rather than narrative, providing essential details, eg type of opportunity, number of potential units, planning authority details, including planning application numbers and dates where available.
With information provided in a consistent format, from just one source, identifying potential projects is simplified, saving time, stress and ultimately money.


UKLR currently covers the nine counties of Yorkshire & Humber and North West regions. However, from 16 January 2018 we will be providing blanket coverage across the whole of Northern England when we add the three counties of the North East region

UKLR Land Registers are free to access at UKLR Bulletin level, with detailed UKLR Opportunity Reports available to purchase for a small fee.


With the government’s directive for more new build homes, aiming at 240,000 to be built per year from 2016, the demand for Land and Development Opportunities has increased and continues to increase.

However, the government isn’t just looking at new builds, but looking at councils to ensure empty and/or derelict buildings are utilised or redeveloped wherever possible. This has increased prospects to secure planning for redevelopment, bringing more potential properties for conversion to the market.

What hasn’t been addressed though, until Land & Development Opportunities Ltd started to tackle the issue in 2017, was how to provide a collective list of opportunities for individuals, companies and the construction industry to refer to from one site. This is where the UKLR Land Register came into being.

It is free for anyone to include Land and Development Opportunities for sale, so long as they meet our criteria
Check out our criteria here: UKLR Land & Development Definitions

Complete & Edit a Listing for Auction

  1. Follow all instructions for ‘Submitting a Listing’
  2. For ‘Sale Status’ select ‘For Auction’
  3. Complete Auction Fields, as illustrated below, with the auction details

Important! Save Your Changes by clicking on

If Your Land or Development Opportunity
Does Not Sell at Auction

1. Login to your account and select ‘My Listings’ from menu at top of page

2.  Select the listing you want to edit

3.  Click on the pencil shaped icon to go into ‘edit

4.  Scroll down to ‘Sale Status‘ and select ‘For Sale

Important!  Save your changes by clicking on

UKLR Advertisers
How To Complete Your Profile

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select ‘Profile’ – found in black bar at top right hand corner of screen
  3. Input the following information – the more information you include the more ways the public can follow your company
    1. Phone number
    2. Email address – the one you want to be seen publicly
    3. Website
    4. Mobile numbers (not compulsory)
    5. Fax number (not compulsory)
    6. Company Facebook page (not compulsory)
    7. Google+ (not compulsory)
    8. Twitter (not compulsory)
    9. LinkedIn (not compulsory)
  4. Add your logo by clicking on ‘Browse’

    1. Select image from your computer
    2. Images should ideally be squared
    3. Use jpg or png images
    4. Optimal size 400 x 400

V. From your website copy ‘About’ and input
VI. Important! Save Your Changes by clicking on

If you require any help then please email:

Or call:   0777 55 33 110

Picture this
– you have a stunningly beautiful, 5-bedroomed Gentleman’s Residence.  It has 8 acres of land, a block of stables and incredible views.  You promote it on well known property sites, inform those on your client list and . . .
And then what?  You find instant interest?  The phones are red hot and you have superb click through rates?

But where’s your buyer?

Advertising in the general property market only allows you to list this property as a 5-bedroom property.  Simply because there is no other option.  But did you know that on 1st December 2016 there were 2,333 x ‘5-bedroom properties’ advertised on the main property website in Yorkshire alone!

So does your 5-bedroom property stand out from the crowdor fade into the background?

No!  It didn’t stand out, but got completely lost amongst the other 2,332 5-bedders!

So how do you make your property stand out from the crowd?

Ok, so we’ve established your property is considerably different to the norm. It has 8 acres of land, a block of stables and incredible views.  In addition there’s the potential to use the block of stables for your horses  OR . . . A pretty good chance of them being converted into another dwelling, subject to the necessary planning consents.  But all the advert told potential buyers, up front, was that it’s got 5-bedrooms!

So here’s how you make it stand out from the crowd

You advertise it on a specialist website, UKLR, set up specifically to sell:

  • Land, of any type
  • Land with properties
  • Buildings with conversion or development potential
  • Properties in need of renovation.

These are the only type of listings promoted on UKLR.  So the chances of your property getting lost in the general property market are now pretty remote, but will attract specialist buyers.  What sort of buyers need targeting?  Buyers looking for a property with land; properties with equestrian facilities and properties with development potential.

Your 5-bedroom property needs these specialist buyers.  Buyers who are looking for a house with a substantial piece of land OR buyers who do not expect to instantly occupy a property on legal completion, but have the vision to ‘see’ the potential of a finished project, with the ability and resources to see it through.

So how would you announce to the public how special your property is?  How about . . .

8 Acres Grazing Land with 5-bedroom Gentleman’s Residence and Stable Block, with Conversion Potential, York, YO2

Our listing template allows you to select that it has ‘Equestrian Interest’  ‘Grassland/paddocks’  ‘Conversion/Development Opportunities’, etc, all of which can be used as search criteria.  The description would be written to promote the property’s potential, as opposed to focusing on the property itself, accompanied by an extensive gallery for images and any other related documents.  The local council would be listed, with direct links to their planning site, and if any consents ever existed all the information is there with just one click.

Visitors to UKLR now know instantly what your property offers, over and above the 5-bedrooms, plus we have provided all the planning information required, if available.  Hours of endless research have been saved, and potential buyers have a pretty sound idea of how suitable your property is for their purpose.

We’ve also incorporated a ‘property weblink’ that directs viewers straight onto your own website, giving them access to the full details, plus all your other properties, increasing your own website traffic and sales opportunities.

Additionally UKLR actively seeks and promotes to specialist buyers, as well as the general public:  Architects, who frequently have clients wanting land; Property Investors and Developers,;Land Bankers; Builders etc etc.  UKLR isn’t just about putting an advert on a site, but seeking out the best opportunities to help those listings sell.

We can’t guarantee you a buyer, but we can certainly steer the right ones in your directionIf you have questions to ask or want to advertise then email or ring 0777 55 33 110

Want to know how much it costs?  Then follow this Pricing link.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised!  And remember, while we are generating the site and gaining strong Google recognition we are offering 2-months free advertising