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UKLR Land Register

Are You Looking to Buy or Sell Land or Development Opportunities?

Looking for Land and Development Opportunities for yourself, or clients, has probably lost you precious hours trawling through a myriad of sites: estate agent sites, property portals, land portals, newspapers etc
Then having found what looks like a potential project there is no clear indication of its size, current or potential use or status, unless of course it’s contained in lengthy narrative . . .  yet more trawling!

The time it takes, and the stress it creates, can make the task tedious and is often fruitless

How many times have you thought how useful it would be to access all the information on
Land and Development Opportunities, from just one site?
UKLR now makes that possible with their newly launched UKLR Land Register

The UKLR Land Registers are created and distributed by region, painstakingly collated from multiple sources, including selling agents and the public domain.
There are nine regions across the UK, we are currently offering Yorkshire & the Humber.
The North East and North West regions will be added shortly.
An updated list will be published each Wednesday, with the latest listings written in red, making it easy to identify new or altered opportunities.

The UKLR Land Registers are available to download at two levels:

Level 1 – free to access by clicking on the weekly link
Level 2 – available on a rolling contract for £50+vat per month per region

If you have Land or Development Opportunities you would like including on the UKLR Land Register please contact us at:
This is a free service



Photograph of a recent development

Are You Looking to Find Land for Sale, or Conversion Opportunities?

If you are looking to buy Land or a Conversion Opportunity? Then look no further than UKLR. Searching for Development Opportunities through UKLR cancels out the need to do extensive research, as we’ve already done it for you.

In the past, when you thought you’d found a good opportunity, you were then obliged to do extensive research to find out just how suitable it really was.

The first consideration was to find out what planning consents were in place, if any. For that you’d need to know which council would be dealing with planning consents.  You’d also have to have an idea of  the date and/or application number, to discover what consents or problems were attached to the site. And it could take hours, if not days, just to find those few snippets of information.

Gone Are the Days of Extensive Research

With UKLR all that is already done for you. In the information we provide, in an easy to follow grid format, we include the following information

  • Overseeing council
  • Application numbers
  • Planning consents
  • Planning dates
  • Planning status, eg outline, detailed or expired

Further Links

To help reduce your time and stress UKLR also provide links to the planning application. These links furnish you with all plans, information and history of applications, restrictions and agreements attached to the planning application. Connecting you, via these links, allows you to effortlessly review and make a considered evaluation of how suitable the plot really is – quickly.