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Find information about UKLR, the website promoting Land and Development Opportunities exclusively. We offer our service to both private sellers and agents, providing more choices for those looking to buy.

UKLR‘s website and mobile platforms includes sophisticated, simple search facilities, providing in-depth details.

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UKLR‘s listings provides clear, easy-to-follow information.  With direct links to sellers and external data, such as planning consents, we remove the stress of related searching.

Information for SELLERS

Unlike property portals, advertising Land and Development Opportunities on UKLR is open to all.
We welcome Individuals, Companies, Authorities, Organisations and Agents, with a need to advertise Development Opportunities.



UKLR promotes all types of Land, whatever its classification.  Amongst these are:

 Building Plots
Farm Land
Parking Areas

UKLR Listings

Each UKLR listing defines land classification, whether residential, commercial, agricultural or other.  Building land is further enhanced with planning consents, eg single building plot, plus planning application numbers, dates, status and links to the local authority.

For other types of land UKLR endeavours to provide as much data as possible.  This includes type of land, eg woodland or farmland, with information on its potential use. Wherever possible we provide land sizes as provided by the seller.

Weblinks are also provided directly to the seller’s site and listing page.



UKLR are very aware of increasing Development Opportunities in the UK.  Local authorities reviewed planning strategies encourage the re-use of empty or derelict buildings.
In particular there are a growing number of Conversion Opportunities.

UKLR defines a Conversion Opportunity as follows:

“A Conversion Opportunity is an existing building that has planning consent, or the potential of planning consent, for an alternative use.  With a Conversion Opportunity the existing building remains, with alteration and/or extension work being undertaken to create a building for an alternate use to the original one.”

Conversion Opportunities, to name but a few, include:

Chapels & Churches
Guest Houses & Hotels
Public Buildings
Residential Homes