Just 17 Reasons to Choose UKLR in 2017, and there are many more

1.   UKLR based at is a bespoke website for the promotion of specialist listings – Land and Development Opportunities only, undiluted by the general property market

2.   UKLR is a specialist company, created to address the niche market of Land and Development Opportunities

3.   UKLR uses your existing phone and email details, leaving you firmly in control

4.   UKLR provides direct weblinks to your website – increasing your own website traffic and sale opportunities

5.   UKLR reduces the need for extensive research, by providing in-depth information for each individual listing:

  • Planning Application Numbers
  • Planning Dates
  • Planning Status
  • Direct links to the planning authority

6.   UKLR clearly classifies Land & Development Opportunities, by location and type, enabling projects to be found quickly & easily

7.   UKLR allows all listings of a company to be found from one source, whilst providing details and links to individual offices

8.   UKLR lets your listings stand out from the crowd, with the use of unique and specific titles

9.   UKLR provides an easy, detailed grid format of information specific to each listing

10.  UKLR allows residences with land to specify size and type of land in listing title

11.  UKLR templates are based on facts, not narrative, to allow for easy, no nonsense searching

12.  UKLR classifies and provides categories for easy searches

13.  UKLR provides a rolling contract with no minimum or maximum spend, to reflect your business needs

14.  UKLR actively promotes to specialist audiences – Architects, Property Developers & Investors & Land Bankers etc

15.  UKLR doesn’t impose restrictions on re-launching listings. So re-launch your specialist listings with us

16.  UKLR offers Volume and Annual discounts, to individual and collective offices

17.  Best of all UKLR provides you with the opportunity to trial us out – with 2-months free advertising for all first time advertisers