UKLR is the only dedicated listing platform
designed exclusively to help people to sell and find
Land & Development Opportunities.
If you are a single or multi-branch agent, dealing with
Residential, Commercial or Industrial listings,
UKLR offers effective, targetted advertising.

Costs are calculated on number of listings
across your company, rather than per office.




UKLR accepts listings from individuals,
not just agencies.
If you are trying to sell
Land or Development Opportunities, as a
Private Individual, Company, Estate Manager,
Local Authority or any other Organisation,
UKLR offers fair & affordable advertising costs to you.




Trying to find Land or a Development Opportuniy?

UKLR is the only website dedicated to providing comprehensive listings that will help you to find Land, of any type and Development Opportunities, offered for sale by Agents and Private Sellers.
Each listing provides all relevant planning information and links.
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UKLR Land Register

Looking for Land and Development Opportunities for yourself, or clients, has probably lost you precious hours
trawling through a myriad of sources: estate agent sites, property and land portals, the press etc…

Then, having found what looks like a potential project, there is no clear indication of its size, current or potential use
or status, unless of course it’s contained in lengthy narrative – yet more trawling

The time it takes, and the stress it creates, can make the task tedious and often fruitless

How many times have you thought how useful it would be to access all the information on
Land and Development Opportunities, from just one source?
UKLR now makes that possible with their newly launched UKLR Land Register

Visit the UKLR Land Register Page

to find out more…

Sell or Find Land & Development Opportunities

UKLR is the ‘one-stop-shop’ for those wanting to buy or sell Land or Development Opportunities.  Use UKLR to Find Land for Sale and Development Opportunities, of any type.  If you are an Individual, Company, Conglomerate or Agent you can advertise directly on UKLR, there are no barriers.

UKLR website and mobile platforms provide a sophisticated, but simple, search facility.  Detailed records, in an easy-to follow format, include all pertinent information allowing discerning purchasers to rapidly select Land or Development Opportunities to fit their requirements.  In addition it includes the UKLR Land Register, a collective compilation of Land & Development Opportunities for sale by region

UKLR‘s dedicated website is the perfect portal for anyone wanting to find a Development Opportunity.  Each listing provides in-depth information and links to all related data, drastically reducing additional research time.

UKLR is information rich.  Each listing shows classification, location, permissions, status and other criteria with just one click.  This quickly allows discerning buyers, seeking  Development Opportunities, to establish the listing’s suitability for their project

UKLR provides direct links to planning departments and the seller.  Listed telephone numbers and email addresses are the sellers own, not allocated ones.  UKLR believes in putting the seller and buyer directly in touch and in control.

At UKLR all Individuals, Companies, Authorities and Organisations, as well as Agents, are welcome to submit their Development Opportunities.
Monthly and annual rates are offered, calculated on a flat rate per individual listing.

Use the link at the very top of the page, to register and then you can submit a listing.

Purchased listings for Land and Development Opportunities can be changed or updated as and when required during the listing period.  Advertisers can input listing details themselves, or send them to UKLR for inputting.  UKLR are currently offering a free input service

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At UKLR we believe in fair pricing, and offer flexible rolling contracts.  Whether you purchase just one or multiple listings there’s an option to pay monthly or take an annual discounted rate.  We also offer a ‘Lifetime’ listings for a one-off payment.

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