UKLR – Simple, Affordable & Flexible


  • UKLR offers a flexible, rolling contract to match your marketing needs, as opposed to one that is rigid and time controlled
  • Advertisements cost just £10 per month, plus VAT, and we offer Volume and Annual discounts.  These are applied to a company as a whole, rather than just limiting to individual offices. This way your company can take advantage of the highest possible discounts across a branch network
  • Two additional factors to take into account, to help keep your advertising costs down
    • Firstly, there is no need to take out advertising space for each and every Land or Development Opportunity you have on your books. Although we’d love you to! Once your listings are input into UKLR it is very easy for you to rotate the listings you want to promote at any given time
    • Until UKLR has been launched across all English regions there will be a 25% discount for each paid advertising space

The Yorkshire and North West regions are now live, with the offer of 2-months free advertising for new advertisers. However, if advertisers also have offices in other regions they will receive a further 2-months free advertising for listings in each new region launched. The next region to launch, in February, is the North East

UKLR Actively Seeks Out Buyers, As Well As Providing Advertising Space


  • UKLR was launched on 7 November 2016, following a trial period at the beginning of the year. Whilst UKLR has only been live 2 months our website traffic is growing sharply, as we gain Google ranking through SEO. Each listing is addressed with SEO factors to maximise the opportunity of it being found
  • UKLR isn’t just about providing advertising space for Land and Development Opportunities. UKLR also actively seeks out buyers
    Direct marketing is to specialist buyers, and our lists grow weekly. It is very difficult to give a specific figure for the two launched regions, but currently direct promotions are well in excess of 1,500 contacts and growing weekly
  • Not only do we promote the site to Architects, Housing Associations, Property Developers and Investors, Equestrian enthusiasts etc, we also ask for any specific requirements they or their clients may have. Requested listings will then be circulated to Land and Estate Agents in the relevant region/s
  • Indirect marketing is done via Social Media, such as LinkedIn, where we have a substantial and growing following. We are also members of relevant groups on the site, and will be promoting to them on a regular basis throughout the year
  • Our Property Developers and Investor contacts increase weekly. As a result we currently have several on-going requests for Land or Development Opportunities with the potential for 10+ dwellings, with or without commercial inclusions, amongst numerous other requests
  • In the future UKLR will utilize further marketing, such as PPC and have other promotional plans in place. However, in the early stages of 2017 we are concentrating on rolling UKLR out across England, which should be completed by mid summer. Our prime concern for now is to ensure we are delivering what buyers and sellers want and providing a good service to our advertisers

Make Your Specialist Listings Count

Would you like to see how your listings look on UKLR? Then email us details of a piece of Land or Development Opportunity and we will create a preview for you. This will be viewable only to you, and will be done at no cost and with no obligation.

If you like it then you can trial UKLR with 2-months free advertising. You can do this, again with no cost or obligation, and include any or all of your suitable listings.